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Safeguard Your Future

Our time-tested investment strategy helps clients protect their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Committed to You

Every action we take is guided by our commitment to serve our clients with diligence and integrity. From being transparent about fees to being trustworthy in all our actions, we always put clients first and take pride in upholding the highest ethical standards.

We concentrate on capital stewardship and loss mitigation. Our time-tested investing methodology is designed to identify securities for client portfolios that will provide downside protection and outperform over the course of a market cycle. Our strong performance record of nearly 35 years speaks to the effectiveness of our investment strategy.

Scharf Investments partners with individuals, family offices, corporations, endowments and foundations. Learn more about how our customized services can work to grow your capital in a judicious way.

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By the Numbers


Founding of Scharf Investments


Billion in assets under management


Kowloon Kowloon Sebago Camo Camo Camo Camo Camo Sebago Sebago Kowloon Kowloon Sebago Sebago Sebago Kowloon Kowloon Percent of employee ownership


Years of a strong performance record


Percent of team with advanced degrees or designations


Million of manager funds invested alongside clients

As of 12/31/17